Why Me?

Breckenridge 2009
Breckenridge 2009
  • Licensed by Department of Health, State of Florida – Board of Massage Therapy since 1988
  • Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (since 1988)
  • Over 24 years of performing clinical and licensed massage therapy and on-site/chair massage
  • Treating patients referred by various health care practitioners (including chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, dentists, physiatrists, internal medicine specialists, podiatrists, general surgeons, psychiatrists/L.C.S.W. and general practitioners)
  • Extensive advanced training in the field of massage therapy (i.e. treatment for TMJ dysfunction, Active Isolate Stretching techniques for specific and sports related injuries, treatment for relief of acute and chronic pain, and postural distortion)
  • Owner of Vitality Anew, a licensed massage therapy private practice clinic, with over 2,000 clients/patients
  • My primary focus is the need of each individual client/patient – to exceed his or her expectations and needs – to instruct and encourage them in a variety of ways to assist them in achieving and maintaining their wellness.